2 Truck Accessories To Consider That Will Improve Off-Road Capability

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Buying and installing aftermarket accessories is one of the best ways to improve your truck's capabilities, with accessories being available to do everything from improving cargo capacity to making the vehicle better able to handle different road conditions. Listed below are two accessories to consider that will help improve your truck's off-road capability.

Locking Differential

One of the biggest risks when taking your truck off road is that you will run into a slick or slippery surface that can end up resulting in your truck becoming stuck. This type of surface can include everything from snow to loose sand to mud.

The reason these slick surfaces can be such a problem is that a traditional differential in your vehicle is intended to route more power from the engine to those wheels that seem to be spinning the fastest. The problem with this is that the wheels that are spinning the fastest when you are stuck or your truck is on a slick surface are going to be those wheels that are spinning a lot due to a lack of traction, which means routing more power to those tires is not going to help all that much.

However, you can resolve this issue by having a locking differential installed on your truck. A locking differential differs from a traditional one in it ensures equal power is sent to all of your truck's wheels at all times. This means if your truck is stuck on a slick surface, one or two spinning wheels are not going to get all the power and keep you stuck in place, your other wheels are still going to receive power to potentially pull you free.

Protective Plates

Another accessory will want to consider that will improve your vehicle's off the road capability is protective plates. Protective plates, also known as skid plates, are designed to be fitted to the underside of your vehicle in order to protect the vital bits of your vehicle.

For example, when you install a skid plate you are going to be able to protect everything from your engine to your fuel lines to your brake lines to your fuel tank from all of the rocks and other pieces of debris on the ground that could puncture or tear those items and leave you stranded. With the skin plates installed, instead of a large rock or sharp piece of wood ruining your truck, the skin plates will deflect that piece of debris and keep your truck in good shape.

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