3 Things You Should Have In Your Car In Case You Have To Wait A Long Time For A Tow Truck During A Winter Storm

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Having your car break down while you are driving through a winter storm can easily become a dangerous situation. Snow might be falling at a high enough rate to bury your car under a couple of feet of snow while you wait for a tow truck, so it can be very hard for the tow truck driver to see you or your vehicle once they are able to respond to your location. Unfortunately, people have died from hypothermia and suffocation in situations like this. If you live in or are planning to travel through an area that gets a lot of snow during the winter, you should store items in your car that will help you survive in case you get stuck in the snow and may have to wait hours or a day before anyone can get to you to help out. 


You should store water in bottles or jugs in the car to keep from getting dehydrated. Dehydration can cause confusion and fatigue, among other things, and can lead to poor decision-making like leaving the car to search for help (you should always stay with your vehicle after making a call for help). The Institute of Medicine recommends that an adult male should drink roughly 120 ounces of water and a female drink 88 ounces of water per day. A couple of gallons of fresh water stored in the car will keep you and at least one other adult properly hydrated for 24 hours, but if you plan on traveling with more people, you should store another gallon or two in your car.

Nutritious Bars

You also need to maintain your nutrition – especially if you have an illness like diabetes where your sugar levels can drop and cause you to experience things like anxiety, irritability, and confusion. Storing nutritional bars in the car will help you maintain your sugar levels and ease your hunger while you wait. The bars are individually wrapped and can last in your car for an entire winter without worrying about them spoiling and turning bad.

Thermal Blankets

Chances are you are either going to run out of gas or the snow will plug the tailpipe enough that the car won't run – in either case, it's going to get cold. Storing afghans, comforters, or large blankets in the trunk isn't usually very practical; especially if you are also carrying suitcases and other things in the trunk. Instead, you should get some space or thermal blankets to store in the vehicle. Space blankets are thin and easy to store and won't take up very much room. The blankets will help you maintain your body warmth in sub-freezing temperatures to keep you safe while you wait for the tow truck.

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