3 Ways To Remove A Dent From Your Vehicle After A Hailstorm

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If your car was left outside during an unexpected hailstorm, you may now have an ugly dent somewhere on your vehicle. While this is obviously frustrating, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. There are multiple ways to attempt to remove a dent from a vehicle without having to replace an entire part of the vehicle's body. Here are three things you can do that may help remove a dent from your car.

Use a Hair Dryer

So if you paid attention in science class, you should know that heat causes metal to expand. If you have a small dent on your vehicle, the idea is to heat it up enough so that it pops back out on its own. Before you move forward, it's a good idea to leave your car out in the sun on a warm day if possible so that the car heats as much as possible. Then, take a hair dryer and apply it as close as possible to the dent without touching. It may take some time but with a little luck, it just might pop back out. 

Use Dry Ice

If you are having trouble with the sun and hair dryer, there is another option that may work. But this time, you're actually going to try and freeze the dent right out of your car instead of heating it up. Dry ice can cause a drastic change in temperature to almost any surface, even if it's super hot out. Dry ice is essentially frozen carbon dioxide and has a natural temperature that is lower than negative 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So obviously, keep in mind that dry ice is a bit of a dangerous substance. It can damage your skin so you'll want to wear gloves and handle the ice carefully. Slowly move the ice around the area of the dent and it may pop out.

Use a Dent Puller

Have you ever used a plunger on a toilet? A dent puller is a somewhat similar concept in that it uses suction to get the job done. A dent puller can be found at any auto parts store. You essentially just put the dent puller over the dent and then go to work. 

If none of the above methods work for you, it may be time to get professional help. A qualified auto body repair shop will have other methods to remove a dent from your vehicle without breaking the bank. For more information, head to a local auto repair shop such as Blue Ribbon Auto Body.